Total Population: 104,430

Total Caucasian Population: 81.5%

Total African American Population: 15.5%

Total Other Population: 3.0%

Total Population 18 and Over: 77.1%

Total Population 65 and Over: 15.9%

Courthouse: Gadsden

Median Household Income: $36,422

Per Capita Income: $20,439

High School Graduate: 81.2%

Bachelor Degree or Higher: 15.8%

Recent Verdicts

Motor Vehicle Accident – October 11, 2005 (Bench Verdict) Hannah v. Sherrell Motor vehicle accident resulting in premature delivery of an infant due to ruptured membrane. Injuries to the infant included delayed motor skills and learning disabilities. VERDICT — $100,000 for Plaintiff.

Motor Vehicle Accident – December 2, 2005 Collins v. Muller, et al.Plaintiff injured in drunk driving accident caused by bar employee who alleged employer provided alcohol and allowed him to drink on the job. VERDICT — $124,712 for Plaintiff against drunk driver; $0 against employer.

Premises Liability – January 12, 2006 Shipman v. Jones Food Company, Inc. Plaintiff repairman fractured his leg after ladder he was climbing slid out from under him while he was attempting ascent to a restaurant’s roof. Plaintiff sued, among others, the restaurant’s owner/operator who hired him to perform repairs. VERDICT — $300,000 for Plaintiff against Defendant owner/operator.