Total Population: 21,452

Total Caucasian Population: 16.7%

Total African American Population: 81.5%

Total Other Population: 1.8%

Total Population 18 and Over: 80.5%

Total Population 65 and Over: 14.5%

Courthouse: Tuskegee

Median Household Income: $27,544

Per Capita Income: $16,380

High School Graduate: 78.8%

Recent Verdicts

Assault & Battery – February 24, 2005 Giles v. Carlisle Day Care, et al. Giles took her minor son, the Plaintiff, to Defendant’s day care. Giles alleged that an employee of the day care hit the child numerous times as punishment for lapsing in his potty training. VERDICT — $14,800 for Plaintiffs.

Motor Vehicle Accident – February 10, 2006 Ray v. Billy Barnes Enterprises Plaintiff injured in wreck by tractor trailer truck driven by man blind in one eye with history of alcohol abuse and fainting. VERDICT — $380,000 for Plaintiff.