Neal Moore, Setara Foster and Stephen Kahn to speak on Consumer Protection Statutes and Alabama Law

On May 6, 2014, three members of Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young will speak at the NBI sponsored conference pertaining to the FDCPA and its overlap and application with various other consumer protection laws and Alabama common law claims.  The seminar will take place at Cahaba Grand Conference Center, and the firm will present with other collection and consumer specialist throughout Birmingham.  Ms. Foster will speak to the general application of the FDCPA, its enactment, and the reasoning behind the strict prohibitions contained therein.  Mr. Kahn will address the interplay between the FDCPA and Bankruptcy rules and procedures.  Mr. Moore will then address various other consumer laws (such as the FCRA and TCPA) as well as Alabama torts commonly pursued by plaintiff lawyers.  For more information please feel free to contact Neal, Setara or Stephen.