Medical Malpractice

The Alabama Medical Liability Act applies to a broad range of health care providers including physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, and long term care facilities. Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young is proud to represent health care providers in Alabama. Except in the most unusual of circumstances, expert testimony is required to successfully prosecute or defend a medical malpractice case and we maintain working relationships with numerous Alabama medical professionals in a variety of specialties. Most recently the firm successfully litigated the issue of whether an arbitration clause in an admissions contract would apply to subsequent claims of wrongful death. The Alabama Supreme Court, after extensive briefs and rehearings, adopted the arguments put forward by this firm on behalf of the nursing home industry and for the first time compelled arbitration of wrongful death claims in the medical malpractice context. This significant decision of first impression in Alabama gives the health care provider a forum for dispute resolution without the perils of a jury trial. In addition to long term care facilities, Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young also represents hospitals and doctors in multiple specialties. Please contact the attorneys on our medical malpractice group for additional information.

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