Mining Activities and Regulations

Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young has a varied and extended history of representing surface and underground mining companies as well as suppliers and subcontractors to the mining industry. FFMY has represented its mining clients in disputes involving blasting, contracts, royalties and indemnity disputes, premises liability, personal injuries, and worker’s compensation. In addition to these areas, FFMY represents clients in mass toxic tort claims resulting from alleged exposure to harmful chemicals used in the mining process. Predominantly a coal mining state, Alabama has other natural resources as well. Our lawyers have represented mining companies regardless of the natural resource being recovered.

The use of experienced, credible and competent expert witnesses is frequently critical to successfully litigating mining claims. Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young maintains strong relationships with professionals, teachers and consultants throughout the country. Furthermore, the lawyers in the Mining Practice Group know both the regulations governing mine operations and the regulatory agencies responsible for oversight of the industry.

For more information on how Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young can assist with your mining-related matter, please contact one of the attorneys in our mining practice group.