Nursing Home and Home Health Care Defense

In addition to our work for local physicians and hospitals, Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young is proud to represent nursing homes, hospice providers and home health care agencies throughout Alabama. In 2004, we changed the law in this State regarding wrongful death claims against nursing homes. The matters of Carter v. Briarcliff and Turcott v. Briarcliff went to the Alabama Supreme Court twice before final affirmation that the arbitration clauses in the admission contracts were valid and enforceable against the estates of the decedents. These cases presented intricate legal issues arising under Alabama’s Wrongful Death Statute (which allows only punitive damages) and forced the Court to consider again Alabama’s tumultuous relationship with the Federal Arbitration Act.

Ferguson, Frost, Moore & Young specializes in defending nurses and long term care facilities. Understanding the relationship between the multiple disciplines treating the patients is crucial to the intelligent defense of a medical malpractice claim. We maintain active relationships with doctors and nurses with expertise in long term care, wound care, and medical causation. Our lawyers also represent one of the largest providers of home health care in the United States. FFMY worked with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to help educate hospital and nursing homes regarding document retention policies and litigation management strategies.

Any claim against a health care provider is governed by the Alabama Medical Liability Act, a defense-friendly statute designed to keep health care affordable. Please contact the lawyers in our Nursing Home and Home Health Care Defense Group to discuss how we can work with your company, or to address any questions you may have regarding medical malpractice claims in Alabama.

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