Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed Against Neal Moore’s Client

Neal Moore’s client was voluntarily dismissed from a wrongful death lawsuit involving an allegedly defective HVAC system.  Sadly, one claimant lost her life and two other occupants were displaced when their home burned in 2010.  It was contended, incorrectly, that the fire was caused by a malfunctioning HVAC until built and designed by Neal’s client.  The unit was inspected and the witnesses were deposed.  The claimants retained experts in fire cause and origin and electrical engineering.  After their depositions, however, neither could prove the fire most likely resulted from the operation or design of the unit.  At the close of discovery, the claimants agreed to dismiss the suit against Neal’s client.  This result was the product of the manufacturer’s total commitment to defending the product, including expert inspections and analysis, and a proactive litigation strategy.  For more information on this case, or for information in general about the litigation and management of complex cases, please contact Neal directly at 205-380-6985 or via email at NDM@FFDLAW.COM